- The first name of the school was Primary Health School, training Nursing and Pharmacy from the first years of 1976s after the liberation. In late 1979, School start the first medical training course, Physician assistant with 140 students.
- In 1980, the school was officially established under Decision No. 64 / TC-CB October 27, 1980 by the People's Committee of Dong Thap Province, with location at Hoa Hiep Hamlet, Hoa An Commune, Cao Lanh Town. And now the school locates at No. 312 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ward 4, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province.
- After more than 30 years of establishment and development, the school has been upgraded to Dong Thap medical College in April 09, 2011(Decision No. 1407 / QD-BGDDT dated September, 04, 2011 aproved by the Minister of MOET).
- 40 years of establishment and development, Dong Thap Medical College has trained for many medical staff of Dong Thap province and neighbors from college to basic level. The school has an important contribution to community's health care in the province and the region.


- Dong Thap Medical College is one of the prestigious and qualified schools in the province and the region; 40 years of formation and development constantly strive for people's health in Dong Thap province and neighboring provinces, through the efforts of improvement in the quality of training of health workers and in scientific research, contributing to improve the health and improve the quality of life in Dong Thap province and neighboring provinces.


- Strive to build the school specializing in College of Medicine-Pharmacy, with multi-level training, diversification of training forms; respect and create favorable conditions for people with capacity-based learning, dedicate to the assigned tasks, meet requirements of health care, protect and improve people's health.


- Leadership is always dynamic, innovative, creative, building a united team consensus shared responsibility, help the School to sustainable development, training human resources with high quality in order to meet social needs.
- Staff and students are always proud of Dong Thap Medical College, fully aware of the responsibility to inherit and promote the fine traditions of the school.
- School staff is honorable, depth perception and exemplary voluntary completing two tasks simultaneously noble: Teacher - Physician, and be honored by society.
- The school staff are proud of being contributor significantly in the training of medical staff who are moral, financial, health care for the people's health.
- Students are proud of being the learner and trainee in Dong Thap Medical College, motivational strives for the best quality, have the capacity to develop long term and sustainable.
- Build and develop a culture of quality, sharing of responsibilities with the community.


- Training and retraining medical workers qualified medical college and lower level.
- Cooperation on training and scientific research with the universities, colleges domestically; and cooperation with international institutions in training human resources specialized in a variety of intermediate-level colleges, according to specific majors approved by provincial people's Committee and the Ministry of Education and Training.
- Research and scientific advice on health; application of scientific and technological progress and scientific health for economic development - politics - local society.


- Develop strategies and plans for development of higher education establishments.
- Carry out training, science and technology, international cooperation; ensure the quality of higher education.
- Develop training programs according to the objectives defined; ensuring continuity between programs and training levels.
- Organizing governing and administrative system; recruitment, management, construction, training trainers, managers, employees and workers.
- Management of learners; ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of teachers, officers, employees, managers and learners; for funding to implement social policies for beneficiaries of social policies, objects in the ethnic minority areas with economic conditions - especially social difficulties; ensure the teaching environment for educational activities.
- Self-evaluation of the quality of training and be under the control of education quality.
- Cooperation with economic organizations, education, culture, physical education, sports, health, scientific research in the country and abroad.
- Dong Thap medical college is autonomy and self-responsibility in law, college charter and autonomy in activities mainly in the areas of organization and human resources, financial and production, training, science and technology, international cooperation, ensure the quality of higher education
- The duties and powers as prescribed by law.


From 1976 to now, the school has trained:
- Intermediate level is about 9,000 students in the fields of (Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Population Health, Laboratory technician and Physiotherapy).
- Since 2012 the school has started training college level. To the present time there are about 1,000 students are pursuing degrees in (Nursing, Midwifery and Pharmacy).
- Elementary Level (Pharmacy assistant) about 4,000 students.
- The short courses from 3 months to 6 months is about 1200 students, including medicine specialist in obstetric, resuscitation, preventive medicine, traditional medicine, Oral maxillofacial and skin care.
The school also provides ongoing training and certifies for 4000 degrees for medicine pedagogical class, nursing management, primary eye care, population and family planning, breastfeeding counseling, update knowledge of medicine for health care workers and medicine entrepreneur.